How you can outsmart Verizon…

If you’re lucky enough to have a grandfathered unlimited data plan from Verizon, then I’m sure you’re like me and determined to do anything to not lose it.  Like not upgrading your 2 year old 3G phone.  Or paying $700 for an unsubsidized phone.

Well, that’s just silly.

I saw many phones on sale for FREE on Black Friday and decided “Okay, maybe I’ll finally give in and just get the stupid 2GB plan.”  I decided on a FREE! Razr Maxx that I saw on the Best Buy site.  Being the seasoned Black Friday shopper that I am, I decided to order the phone Thanksgiving morning so I didn’t have to battle the crowds.  This may have been the beginning of my luck.

When I ordered on, I was given the option to extend my current contract without changing it.  Of course I selected it.  I completed the transaction and was sure at some point I was going to get an e-mail saying I had to choose a new plan.  It never happened.

My phone arrived today and I went to the Verizon website to activate it.  Using My Verizon and the “Activate or Switch Device” option, I selected my current device (Droid X) and entered my info for the new phone.  It told me to select a plan, but fortunately my current unlimited plan was still an option.

Note: on the top of the webpage, it stated that if you had an unlimited plan, you would have to switch.  They sleep on a bed of lies!

I selected my old plan…and it worked.  I kept hitting Next, expecting for there to be some error.  But nothing happened.  I still maintained my 89.99 a month plan that included the 29.99 unlimited data.

I turned on my phone and set it up, crossing my fingers that it would work.  This was the last hurdle.  I dialed my landline and, holy shit, it worked.   I went on the internet…and it worked.  My phone was fully functional, completely free, and still unlimited.

Verizon will try their hardest to get you off their unlimited plan.  But don’t let them bully you.

Don’t let ANYONE touch you phone or plan, even third parties.

By purchasing at (and avoiding a salesperson in the store) I was able to extend my contract.  (Avoid Verizon online for purchasing the phone, they WILL NOT let you simply extend your current plan)  Then activate the phone yourself.  Voila.

Anyone who tells you 4G LTE can’t use the same plan as a 3G phone is spewing BS.  Ignore them and get yourself a new phone online.  Subsidized.  And with Unlimited.


Go forth and upgrade without fear.


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